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Heading Out On Your Motorcycle This Winter? How To Keep Yourself Safe

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Winter isn’t officially here yet, which means you still have some time to get another motorcycle ride under your belt. If you’ve decided to hit the road for one last adventure this year, be sure to take some precautions. Riding a motorcycle during fair weather is risky enough, especially when most motorists don’t pay attention to you. Before you head out on your motorcycle, take a look at the information provided below. Read More»

Lost Career Income And Your Personal Injury Damages

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An accident that causes injuries bad enough to put you in the hospital may deserve more than what the auto insurer is offering. If the other driver caused the wreck, it’s possible that more than just your car is damaged. While being paid for the wages you would have earned while recovering from an accident is undoubtedly possible, some people may have lost more than a few days or weeks of pay. Read More»

4 Mistakes That Can Cripple Your Workers' Compensation Efforts

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Workplace injuries can take all kinds of forms, from chronic soft tissue strain to an acute fracture or other serious event. Fortunately, almost all states require employers to provide workers’ compensation coverage. Less fortunately, many workers’ compensation claims don’t actually produce the financial support their applicants had hoped for. If you plan on making a workers’ compensation claim, you need to know that you’re doing all of the right things—and none of the wrong ones—to secure a satisfactory outcome. Read More»

What Is Co-Parenting?

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It is becoming more common for couples to agree to co-parent their children after they get divorced. Co-parenting requires that both parents get along well and work to provide the best environments for their children. There are several things you should understand about this, if you are preparing to get divorced and want to protect your kids in the best way possible. Follow your own responsibilities The first aspect of co-parenting is an understanding that each parent plays an important role in the lives of the kids and that you should agree to do your own part. Read More»

Domestic Violence Can Impact A Divorce

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If you were a victim of domestic violence during your marriage, the abuse will have an impact on your divorce process. The dissolution of a marriage is a significant step, and the court honors its duties to uncover and address every matter of a relationship in order to ensure that each party’s rights are protected and that they are treated fairly.  Financial Control Domestic violence has a lot to do with manipulation and control, even when the attacks only seem to surface in the physical form. Read More»

Has Your Child Been Injured in a Public Pool? 4 Reasons You May Be Able to Sue for Damages

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Now that summer is almost here and the kids are getting ready to leave school for vacation, you’re probably planning the warm weather activities. If you take your kids to the community pool during the summer, you need to be aware of the risks that are involved. Local governments are responsible for providing a safe environment for swimming, especially when they operate a public swimming pool. If your child is injured while swimming in a community pool, you may be able to sue for damages. Read More»

Injured While In A Ride Sharing Vehicle? What You Need To Do

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Many people are eschewing owning their own vehicle and instead opting to use ride sharing vehicles when they need to get around. Many people use ride sharing as a supplemental transportation option. With ride sharing growing in popularity, it is important to know what do to when an accident occurs while you are a passenger in a ride sharing vehicle. #1 Always Make Sure the Police Are Called Like in an accident when you are the driver, you always want to make sure the police are called. Read More»

Too Sleepy To Work And Social Security Disability

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Medical conditions that make it impossible for you to do your job properly may qualify you for benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides a financial payment for those who are unable to work due to certain conditions. One such condition is sleep apnea. This disorder causes problems that go beyond just being sleepy at work, so read on to learn more. What Is Sleep Apnea? Many people mistakenly believe that sleep apnea is a sort of sleeping disease that makes you fall asleep during the day and while driving (which might more accurately describe narcolepsy). Read More»

Learning About The Criminal Defense System In Your State (While In Prison!)

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It is estimated that about 4.1 of all criminal cases across this country are wrongfully charged and convicted. That, in terms of numbers, is a substantial number of people who can really, truly claim that they are innocent, and in jail for crimes they did not commit. It may be a running joke in prisons among both inmates and the correction officers, but the research shows that 4.1 percent of those claiming to be innocent ​are innocent. Read More»