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Injured While In A Ride Sharing Vehicle? What You Need To Do

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Many people are eschewing owning their own vehicle and instead opting to use ride sharing vehicles when they need to get around. Many people use ride sharing as a supplemental transportation option. With ride sharing growing in popularity, it is important to know what do to when an accident occurs while you are a passenger in a ride sharing vehicle.

#1 Always Make Sure the Police Are Called

Like in an accident when you are the driver, you always want to make sure the police are called. This will allow an accident report to be filed. If the driver of the ridesharing vehicle doesn't call the police, you should call the police. Don't let the driver talk you into not calling the police because they don't want to report the accident; iou need an official record of the accident.

#2 Collect Information

Next, you need to collect information. In this case, you should open up the ride sharing app you are using and you should take a snapshot of the driver's profile and the information for your ride. A screenshot is the best way to make sure you safeguard the information.

If other drivers were involved, you should collect their insurance information and vehicle information. The more information you collect concerning everyone involved, the better.

If any outside witnesses stop, get their information as well.

#3 Take Some Pictures

As this is not your vehicle, it is important to take pictures as you cannot guarantee your access to the vehicle later to demonstrate the damage to the vehicle and what happened. Take pictures from various angels to show the damage to the ride sharing vehicle you were in and the damage to the other vehicles involved in the accident. Then take pictures that help establish the scene of the accident. These pictures can be very valuable.

#4 Get Medical Assistance

As with any accident, you should get medical assistance as soon as possible. Documenting your injuries, and getting prompt treatment for your injuries, is important. Even if you don't feel that sore, you should get be seen by a doctor. It can take time for injuries to show up, especially soft tissue injuries, so the more documentation you have, the better.

#5 Contact an Attorney

Next, you need to contact an attorney. Who is to blame in a case like this can be complicated. You are going to want to contact the insurance company of the individual whose vehicle you were in. The ride sharing app may also need to be contacted, and if the other driver(s) could potentially be at fault, they will need to be contacted as well. Multiple parties could be at fault, and an attorney will help to make sure the right parties are held responsible for the injuries that you sustained in the accident.

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