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What Is Co-Parenting?

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It is becoming more common for couples to agree to co-parent their children after they get divorced. Co-parenting requires that both parents get along well and work to provide the best environments for their children. There are several things you should understand about this, if you are preparing to get divorced and want to protect your kids in the best way possible.

Follow your own responsibilities

The first aspect of co-parenting is an understanding that each parent plays an important role in the lives of the kids and that you should agree to do your own part. In other words, co-parenting requires both parents following their own responsibilities and taking care of the things they are supposed to. If one parent has to pay child support, he or she does that according to the schedule. If the other parent agrees to take the children to school each day, he or she will do that.

Be kind to each other and about each other

To co-parent, you are basically trying to raise the kids together just as you would if you were married, so you will need to be kind to each other and about each other. This means that you will have to avoid badmouthing the other parent and it means that you will speak favorably about him or her, especially to the kids.

Do not communicate through the kids

Co-parenting also avoids handling communications with each other through the kids. Instead, you will need to communicate directly with the other parent. Instead of telling the kids to tell their dad something when they see him, you will tell him when you see him. When you send messages through the kids, it does not always work out well, which is why you will need to avoid this.

Accept your ex's new girlfriend or boyfriend

Finally, you will need to be able to accept a new boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse into your life, whenever this may happen in the relationship. This new person will become someone who is around your kids, and you will want to be on good terms with him or her. If you can do this, it will be less uncomfortable for your kids and it will make the entire situation easier for everyone involved.

These are some of the best things you can do to protect your children through a divorce. If you have questions about divorce or co-parenting, talk to a divorce lawyer today or visit a website like