Controlling Your Legacy

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3 Ways To Plan For Your Estate Litigation Consultation

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When a family member dies, the will is often one of the most contentious issues that arise. Who gets what? How are assets distributed? These questions can cause a lot of friction within a family, and sometimes it’s difficult to come to an agreement. If your family is fighting over the will, it’s important to get legal help. A lawyer can mediate between family members and help them reach a resolution. Read More»

Getting Legal Help After An Injury Collision With An 18-Wheeler

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A collision of any type is traumatizing and often leads to injuries, but the situation is worse when the collision involves an 18-wheeler truck. The reason is because 18-wheelers are large and a lot heavier than other vehicles, which makes the impact of a collision with it more life-threatening than accidents with smaller vehicles. If you survived an accident involving an 18-wheeler truck but were left with burns and other severe injuries, it could take a lifetime to overcome the physical and mental effects of the experience. Read More»

How A Small Business Can Stop Frivolous Lawsuits

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Small businesses can sometimes struggle to raise the funds necessary to continue to fund operations. This becomes even more difficult when a small business also has to deal with frivolous lawsuits. Even when these lawsuits are obviously without merit, you might find that your resources and time are drained as you continue to deal with them. Fortunately, some lawyers specialize in stopping frivolous lawsuits.  How a Frivolous Lawsuit Is Defined Read More»

3 Things To Avoid After An Auto Accident

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Auto crashes come with devastating consequences. You may suffer from brain damage, a broken spine, or trauma to your bones and internal organs. It’s not uncommon for victims to be confused after such incidents and not know the right thing to do. If you find yourself in such a situation, contact an accident lawyer to assist you. These attorneys will help you recover compensation for your losses and make the process easier. Read More»

Should You Worry About Zoning Laws When Buying A Commercial Property?

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If you’re buying an existing business or an open piece of commercial land, you need to check the zoning laws. If you don’t, you may not be able to do what you want with the property.  What are zoning laws? Zoning laws restrict what owners can do with their land. The laws can include what types of buildings you’re allowed to have, how much of the property you’re allowed to build on, and what activities you can do on the property. Read More»

The Main Types Of Child Custody

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If you’re going through a divorce, you need to understand the implications that come with separation from your partner. Despite the split, most parents want to be part of their child’s life. You may want to find a way to maintain the relationship you have with your kids – one that works for all involved. Therefore, it is important that you know about the various types of child custody. Discover the main types of child custody to understand what might fit your needs. Read More»