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Getting Legal Help After An Injury Collision With An 18-Wheeler

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A collision of any type is traumatizing and often leads to injuries, but the situation is worse when the collision involves an 18-wheeler truck. The reason is because 18-wheelers are large and a lot heavier than other vehicles, which makes the impact of a collision with it more life-threatening than accidents with smaller vehicles. If you survived an accident involving an 18-wheeler truck but were left with burns and other severe injuries, it could take a lifetime to overcome the physical and mental effects of the experience. You cannot undo what happened to your body during the collision, but you can take legal steps to get paid if the other party is at fault. An attorney must be hired because you deserve compensation and might be able to sue more than just the driver of the truck.

How Severe Are Your Physical & Mental Injuries?

It can be difficult discussing the injuries that you are suffering from when they are severe, but you will need to explain the injuries to an attorney. For example, if your vehicle caught fire and you were burned, which areas of your body were burned and how extensive is your treatment? Did the scars leave you with lower self-esteem than you had before getting into the collision? An attorney will also want to discuss your other injuries, including minor and major injuries. Do not forget to discuss the affects of the incident on your mental health as well because an attorney will likely include mental injuries in the lawsuit.

Why Did the Other Party Collide with Your Vehicle?

Do you have any knowledge of what led to the truck driver colliding with your vehicle? For example, did you witness the driver speeding, talking on their phone, or performing other acts of negligence right before the accident happened? Determining what led to the other party getting into a collision will be one of the main concerns of an attorney. The reason is that proving that the other party was negligent plays a role in proving that you deserve the fullest amount of compensation in the lawsuit. The attorney will prove how the negligence of the other party changed your life forever.

Who Employs the Driver of the 18-Wheeler Truck?

Another concern of an attorney will be who the truck driver is employed by. Their employer will be investigated to determine if they can be held liable in the lawsuit along with the truck driver. For example, if the driver has a poor driving record, their employer can possibly be sued for allowing them to drive the 18-wheeler truck.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for an 18-wheeler wreck attorney near you.