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Is Your Employer Avoiding Your on the Job Injury?

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You were hurt on the job, and all of a sudden your employer is trying to put the blame on you, what are you supposed to do? You need to hire a lawyer to go through your case quickly, so you can get the payment that you deserve.

You were injured working hard for your employer, and it isn't fair that they want to wipe their hands of the situation, without paying anything. Here are a few warning signs that your employer may be displaying, that indicate you need to hire legal representation right away.

Your Employer is Denying Fault

Is your employer denying that your accident on work property was their fault? Are they trying to say that it could have happened to anyone or that it happened because you were clumsy or you weren't following the proper precautions? If so, you want to gather all evidence you have related to the incident, proving that their facility or equipment was faulty. This include any eye witness statements.

Your Employer is Denying Worker's Compensation

Did you tell your employer you were going to file for worker's compensation and they said that they would fight it? Have they denied your application for worker's compensation? If so, you don't want to talk with them about the matter any longer, and instead you want to get a lawyer. You deserve to be paid your wages.

A Physical Has Been Requested

Is your employer requesting that you get a physical completed by a doctor that they choose? Are they doubting that you are really injured, or the severity of your injuries? If so, you want to gather all of the medical information you have so far from the physicians you have already seen. Don't go to the appointment without talking to a lawyer, and don't sign any paperwork.

If there were security cameras that could have taped the injury, tell your lawyer right away. It's important that you get the footage right away, before your employer has a chance to get rid of it. You shouldn't have to suffer with the expenses of your injury, with the stress, and going without pay, because your employer doesn't want to take responsibility for what happened to you. Talk with a worker's compensation lawyer (such as Leif D. Erickson) that handles these types of cases on a regular basis, so they can use their experience to work out a deal with your employer quickly.