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Income Available For Paying Child Support: What To Know

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Divorcing parents might as well view child support as one of those issues that are bound to pop up during divorce. In most cases, the financial affairs of a divorcing party are an inevitable part of not just child support but marital debts, spousal support, and the assets of the couple. To learn more about the financial side of child support during divorce, read on. Who Makes the Most Income? Read More»

Divorce and New Living Arrangements

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Divorce signals change in almost every aspect of a couple’s life. Therefore, when a couple’s relationship breaks up, they part ways. That parting of ways is not just theoretical, though. In most cases, one party will need to find new living arrangements with a divorce in the offing. It’s up to the couple to decide what happens to the family home with a divorce. As long as they agree, the judge will approve of any arrangements they make. Read More»