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Situations Where You Should Hire a Child Custody Attorney

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Child custody battles are often the most difficult battles that you may fight when you are going through the process of divorce. Therefore, you will usually not want to tackle a child custody battle without the help of a child custody attorney.

You're in the Middle of a Complicated Child Custody Battle

If you have gone through a challenging divorce, your partner might choose to use child custody as a tool during negotiations or may even wish to punish you by trying to force a child custody arrangement that you do not want and that may not be in the best interests of your child. With a complex case, you might not be prepared to make the case that will maximize your chances of being awarded custody. 

Your Ex Hired a Lawyer

If your ex hires a lawyer, you might find it difficult to handle the strategic maneuvers that the lawyer of your ex might use. Also, hiring a lawyer can be an indication that your ex intends to fight a fierce custody battle. You will need a child custody lawyer because your lawyer will have expertise in the area of custody battles and family law. Then, your ex will not have an advantage over you.

Certain Changes Substantially Affected Your Custody Arrangement

If your partner is planning to relocate or has recently remarried, this might affect your custody arrangement. You might also discover behavior that is concerning such as evidence of abuse or neglect. Your partner might become combative or may not be complying with the terms of the custody arrangement. If so, you will want to bring this up with a custody lawyer.

In other cases, your ex-partner might not have done anything wrong but has simply changed their mind regarding the custody arrangement. For example, your partner might want custody or might want to relinquish custody. When this occurs, you will want to discuss this with an attorney if you believe that the change in the custody arrangement is not in the best interest of the child.

Fortunately, if you're not certain if you need a lawyer, you can always participate in a free consultation so you can find out if you would benefit from hiring a child custody lawyer and so you can learn about what your legal options are. Then, if you decide that you'd like to hire a lawyer, you can have them represent you in court. Visit websites like to learn more.