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4 Mistakes That Could Decrease Your Chances Of Getting Workers' Compensation

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One of the most challenging things in life could be getting hurt on the job. This can cause a lot of stress and difficulties that you’ll certainly want to avoid. However, getting your life back may be as easy as qualifying for workers’ compensation. It’s vital to avoid making certain mistakes when completing this process. 1. Failing to notify your employer The first thing you’ll want to do after getting hurt at work is to let your employer know what happened. Read More»

Is Your Business Sinking Financially And You Think Your Debt Is Overwhelming? Call A Bankruptcy Law Service Today

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If you have stretched your business too thin and you know that you are in debt over your head and you must stop operating, it’s time to get some bankruptcy advice. Regardless if it was a change in the economy, bad financial management, or other factors that have contributed to the financial strife in your business, there are different options for bankruptcy that may work for you. You need to gather all the financial information you have regarding your business and find a bankruptcy attorney that does business cases. Read More»

How Chapter 11 Might Affect Your Employees

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When a business is struggling to pay off debtors, but still has the income necessary to make payments, they may turn to a bankruptcy attorney. Filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy will protect a business from legal action and will give your business time to settle its debts. However, you might wonder what will happen to your employees during this period. While some will be able to continue working, others will be laid off. Read More»

How Entertainment Lawyers Can Help Up And Coming Actors

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If you’re an actor and are climbing up the ladder of success, you may run into a few legal dilemmas that warrant help from an entertainment lawyer. These legal professionals know this industry inside and out and can help you in the following ways.  Look Over Contracts You may have a big movie coming up, but before you can get started working, you’ll have to fill out an extensive contract. Rather than going through this alone and possibly missing an important clause, it’s much better to let an entertainment lawyer help you look over everything. Read More»

Personal Injury Law: Putting Pressure On Insurance Companies

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Insurance companies look at the world through the lens of risk. This lens informs how they make all of their decisions. If you’ve been the victim of an accident, the insurance company might deem you as a low-risk priority, which can lead them to make lowball offers and delay their response times. Here are some of the ways that a personal injury attorney can flip this narrative to make sure that insurance companies take you seriously. Read More»

Trying To Get Child Custody? Top Things You Need To Know

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One of the biggest challenges you may face is trying to get custody of your child. This can be a difficult and emotionally draining time. It’s vital to know the factors that can have a significant impact on your case. Many parts of your lifestyle could help determine if you will get custody or not. 1. How much money you make It’s vital to earn a certain amount of money to keep your bills paid. Read More»

Arson After A Breakup: Why A Criminal Defense Lawyer May Help

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Breaking up with a romantic partner is never an easy situation, particularly if they take it very poorly. Unfortunately, some jilted lovers may go the extreme and commit arson against their ex partner. In this situation, it is critical to work with a criminal defense lawyer to understand how to defend a case and avoid serious jail time at the same time. Revenge is a Common Arson Motive When people get broken up with by a partner, they may react in many ways. Read More»

Did You Damage Your Neighbor's Property And Threaten Them? Get A Lawyer Now

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If you got angry with your neighbor and damaged their car and property, you want to get a criminal defense attorney. If you have done thousands of dollars’ worth of damage and you think that you may be facing some jail time and a lawsuit, the sooner you find legal representation, the better. There are a lot of approaches the victims can take when choosing what type of charges to press. Read More»