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Arson After A Breakup: Why A Criminal Defense Lawyer May Help

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Breaking up with a romantic partner is never an easy situation, particularly if they take it very poorly. Unfortunately, some jilted lovers may go the extreme and commit arson against their ex partner. In this situation, it is critical to work with a criminal defense lawyer to understand how to defend a case and avoid serious jail time at the same time.

Revenge is a Common Arson Motive

When people get broken up with by a partner, they may react in many ways. Some just move on with their lives while others get angry and seek out revenge. Extreme cases may show a person stalking their ex-partner or even setting fire to and burning down their home.

That type of mentality is a rare one, thankfully, but may occur and cause real legal problems. The partner whose house burned down is likely going to suspect their ex and try to pursue a criminal lawsuit against them. Therefore, the defendant in this situation must work with a defense lawyer to attempt to either minimize their damages or avoid jail time completely. This kind of case is a real challenge and must be handled with delicacy and care.

How a Defense Lawyer Can Help the Situation

Any ex-lover who has committed arson against their partner or who is suspected of performing such acts has to immediately create a case to avoid legal ramifications. For example, it is important to either find holes in the plaintiff's case, such as a lack of evidence of arson, or to shift blame to the plaintiff by claiming that they started the fire to either get the insurance money or affect the party who may have started the fire. 

The lack of evidence is just one way to defend this type of case. For example, the partner who may have started the fire could show that they were somewhere else when the fire started to prove that they were not responsible for the crime. However, this type of alibi defense is often tough if the person did start the fire or spent a night alone and who does not have a plausible explanation for their whereabouts on the day the fire occurred. 

The nature of these cases can be quite complex, which is why it is important to talk to criminal defense lawyers to understand how this approach may go down. By understanding these factors in the case, it is possible to get a better feel for what to expect. 

For more information on defense after committing arson, contact a local criminal defense attorney.