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Did You Damage Your Neighbor's Property And Threaten Them? Get A Lawyer Now

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If you got angry with your neighbor and damaged their car and property, you want to get a criminal defense attorney. If you have done thousands of dollars' worth of damage and you think that you may be facing some jail time and a lawsuit, the sooner you find legal representation, the better.

There are a lot of approaches the victims can take when choosing what type of charges to press. Here are some of the things to discuss with your lawyer so you can prepare properly.

Evidence Against You

Talk with the lawyer about the evidence you know they have against you. This could include the following things:

  • Security cameras around the property
  • Text messages, emails, or verbal threats
  • Pictures of the damaged items
  • Eyewitnesses to the events
  • Police reports

When the lawyer knows what evidence they have and what they will use against you, they will be able to better negotiate a plea or try to work out the case with the prosecutor. Proving a lot of information at this point in your case is important.

Potential Charges

The neighbors could be trying to press a variety of charges against you. Some of the different charges they may be pushing for include the following:

  • Harassment
  • Vandalism
  • Assault
  • Mischief

If you have been texting and harassing for some time, they can try to get you for stalking, mental abuse, and more. You will want to talk with your lawyer about the different angles of the case, and what charges you could be facing.

The dollar amount of damage can change the outcome of the case. You may be facing misdemeanor or felony charges, and you may also get charged with fines, and assault could stay on your record. Talk with the lawyer about what type of plea may be possible for the best outcome.

Your neighbor will probably put a no-contact order into place, and if there were threats, there may be a restraining order as well. Stay away from the property and the people until you have found yourself legal representation, and don't talk with anyone about the case.

You don't know what type of evidence is against you or what the monetary damages are. This is a case that can affect the rest of your life if you end up with several charges on your record, so cooperate with your legal professional as quickly as possible to get the case behind you. Go to sites like to get started finding a criminal defense attorney today.