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Why Immigration From Certain Other Countries Is Rare

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A large portion of illegal immigrants are from Central, Latin, and South America. The rest of the illegal immigrants are comprised of African or Middle Eastern people. It is a curious thing why so many of the illegal immigrants are from these countries, and not from parts of Europe or Eurasia. Actually, is not too surprising when you consider the reasons for illegal immigration into the U.S.. Here are some reasons why illegal immigration from certain other countries is rare.

Homeland Stability

If the economy and the country is stable enough to support the citizens, the citizens usually do not try to run away to another country. Homeland stability is one of the biggest factors that people in stable countries either stay where they are, or get legal permission to enter the U.S. The flood of illegal immigrants has everything to do with unstable countries. 

Think about it. Mexico, South America, and some island nations face hostility at the hands of their government. African nations that are constantly under coup by another nearby nation have thousands of refugees. Then there are the war-torn nations where escaping and hiding out as an illegal immigrant is much safer than staying in places like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.. Homeland stability is a huge contributing factor in the risks illegal immigrants take to come here and stay here.

Developing Countries See Greater Opportunities

America was the "land of opportunities" for many decades as this country grew. To equally-developed countries, it is no longer that because those countries provide many of the same opportunities, benefits, and public assistance to its citizens. In developing countries, these opportunities are still very real because their own countries lack the opportunities and benefits that the U.S. and other developed countries already have. This is precisely why you will not see thousands of illegal immigrants from countries like India, Japan, China, or even Australia. Their citizens already have everything (or the ability to obtain everything) that Americans have.

How These Facts Can Change in a Heartbeat

All it takes is daily bombing, fear, death, starvation, and/or national and economic instability to send the citizens of one country to a currently peaceful, fully developed country. Humans can withstand a lot before they resolve to abandon their homes and run to another, safer country (e.g. the U.S.). When everything that is bringing their own countries down is too much, they leave.

Fighting to Get Here

Still, when you consider that more than half of all 11.1 illegal immigrants in this country come from Latin and South America, trying to escape drug lords and working in coca fields and the like, no one should be surprised about how hard these immigrants push to get here and stay here. Numbers and stats together support each other, and do not lie. They show clear ties between what happens in other countries and the number/percentage of illegal immigrants that end up here.

Fighting to Stay Here

Immigrants go wherever they can, as fast as they can, to find something better. Watch the global news regularly to see what underdeveloped or war-torn country has befallen new misfortunes. These global incidents tell immigration lawyers exactly which groups of people they may soon have to help, help defend against deportation, and help keep the immigrants that are heading this way in this country, so that the immigrants can avoid the travesties they ran away from.

However, it does not take much for an illegal immigrant to get deported quickly. Caught and convicted of a crime sends him/her back to his/her native country. Then an immigration lawyer and a criminal attorney have to pare down the punishment if the charges cannot be dropped. The fight goes on until someone loses, and/or someone goes home.