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How To File For Long-Term Disability Benefits

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If you get injured and are no longer able to work your normal job or your normal hours, you might be eligible for long-term disability benefits. The way you file for benefits can really help determine whether or not you are granted your benefits. Here are some tips for filing the paperwork.

Use the Right Paperwork

While you can probably locate paperwork to print and send in to file a disability claim, you will be much better off if you use the forms supplied to you by your employer. Your human resources department keeps up on the different forms and can provide detailed instructions on filling them out properly. They will have the updated forms needed to file a claim for long-term disability benefits. Keep in mind there is a section on the form that your doctor needs to fill out, showing what type of injury you have sustained. Make sure it is filled out completely before filing for benefits.

Follow Your Doctor's Instructions

You should always do what your doctors suggest after you have sustained an injury. Whether this means getting physical therapy, increasing how much rest you get, or taking certain medications, their expertise is what you need to listen to. The reason this is so important is because it is their notes that are going to help you get the benefits you need. If your doctor believes your injury was worsened due to negligence on your part or because you didn't do what was suggested, you could be denied benefits.

Go to the Worker's Comp Doctor

You might have your own doctor that you would like to see, but if you got an injury while at work, you need to see the worker's compensation doctor. This is a doctor approved by your company that will help take care of your medical expenses. You should not be paying out-of-pocket for treatments or procedures for an injury you got at work. This doctor will already be aware of the forms necessary to get long-term disability benefits so that is another bonus of sticking with this type of physician.

Get a Lawyer

It is always recommended that you get legal assistance when filing a claim for long-term disability benefits. While you might be able to get benefits on your own, some situations are a little more complex and require legal help. A lawyer, like those from Iler and Iler, will help you get the documents you need, fill out the forms for the claim, and also file an appeal if you are denied.