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Applying For SSD Benefits For Bone Cancer: Why You Should Hire A Lawyer To Assist

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Are you the victim of bone cancer and don't have the strength to work? It is in your best interest to see if you can get social security disability (SSD) benefits, but you may want to ask a lawyer to assist with the qualification process. Find out below how a lawyer can help you prove how bone cancer is affecting your ability to work, as well as the average rate for legal assistance.

How Can a Lawyer Assist a Bone Cancer Victim with Getting SSD Benefits?

The key to getting approved for SSD benefits is to prove that you have a serious health condition that is not likely to go away too soon. The condition must be expected to last for at least a year, which should not be hard to prove with bone cancer. Making sure that you have enough evidence to prove that you actually have bone cancer is where the lawyer will come in. He or she will need all of the medical documents that you have pertaining to getting treated for bone cancer.

Your lawyer will also do thorough research on the effects of bone cancer so it can be explained to the Social Security Administration (SSA). For instance, he or she will explain how painful bone cancer is and that it can get to the point where the pain never goes away. He or she will also explain how bone cancer can cause weak bones that make it hard for you to perform even simple job duties.

Help from a lawyer can also help you avoid having to undergo additional medical testing at the request of the SSA. The lawyer will make sure that there is enough solid evidence to prove that your condition is as severe as you claim, which will make additional testing unnecessary.

What Does Legal Assistance Cost by the Hour?

Your hourly rate can vary depending on the lawyer working on your case. It is common for legal assistance to average up to $90 plus per hour. Keep in mind that the rate may be deducted from a retainer fee, which is upfront money based on how many hours the lawyer predicts he or she will spend on your case. It is also possible that you will be charged a flat rate that is at the discretion of the lawyer. Make an appointment with a lawyer to consult about your need for SSD benefits! To learn more contact a disability attorney like Bruce K Billman