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4 Mistakes Teen Drivers Make When They Get Into An Accident

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When your child is ready to learn how to drive, it can be both exciting and scary at the same time. However, with your guidance, you can take away much of the fear. This is why you should know of the top four mistakes that teen drivers make when they get into a car accident. If your child were to get into an accident, you would want to be sure that they would know what to do to help the situation go as smoothly as possible. Here are those four mistakes:

  1. Failing to Document: If your child were to get into an accident, you must let them know that they should document the whole accident as thoroughly as possible. This includes getting the other driver's insurance information, taking pictures of the damages, and statements from the witnesses. The more documents, the better to ensure that the insurance company will not have to fill in any blanks that can prevent the whole insurance coverage from going through as it should. This can save you and your teen from taking money out of your own pocket to pay for repairs or health costs if someone were to get hurt.
  2. Apologizing: Another problem that teens make is admitting fault for the accident directly to the opposite driver, or apologizing even if it wasn't your teen's fault. Doing this can make the insurance believe that your child is at fault for all damages and health costs, which can lead to high insurance premiums and large costs that need to be paid out of pocket. Instead, advise that your teen allow the trained police officers to determine who was truly at ault. 
  3. Not Getting Medical Treatment Right Away: Another common problem that teens make is not seeking medical attention right after the accident. Even if your teen does not feel hurt, it is important that he or she still go to the emergency room to get checked out. This will ensure that if any injuries come to surface in the near future, it makes it more believable that it was due to the accident.
  4. Giving Up: Your teen should not settle for a claim without consulting a lawyer, such as Brady Law Chartered, or even you first. This is because you want to be sure that your teen is not settling for less than what they deserve, which is a common mistakes that teens often make.

By letting your child know this information before they even get behind the wheel ensures that in any case of emergency, your child is more well prepared with how to deal with it.